Psoriasis Phototherapy Reviews

The Science of Psoriasis Light Therapy (Phototherapy)

In 1982, the FDA approved PUVA (phototherapy with UVA light) for the treatment of psoriasis. PUVA is the use of UVA (ultraviolet light) for the management of psoriasis, eczema, mycosis fungoides, vitiligo, large-plaque parapsoriasis, graft-versus-host disease, and cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, often in combination with the drug psoralen. In 2000, a meta-analysis of 51 phototherapy trials for psoriasis was compiled. The effectiveness of these trials ranged from 74% to 100%. An earlier meta-analysis of 129 trials estimated that the rate of skin clearance (meaning a 95% to 100% improvement) was 70% for PUVA and 44% for broad-band UVB. UVB phototherapy is generally considered the first line of treatment for psoriasis patients, as it does not require the use of sensitizing chemicals. If a patient’s psoriasis is resistant to UVB phototherapy, PUVA phototherapy is then considered.

Note: UVA and UVB psoriasis lamps currently require a prescription in the United States. Reviews of these lamps are available.


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In most clinical trials, emollient and keratolytic psoriasis lotions were used in combination with UVB treatment, to help remove psoriasis scale and reduce inflammation. Puriya cream can be used to treat psoriasis either with or without accompanying phototherapy. Puriya is the highest rated psoriasis lotion on Amazon, successfully reducing the appearance of psoriasis lesions while simultaneously treating psoriasis symptoms.


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Another highly rated emollient and keratolytic psoriasis lotion, can be used in combination with psoriasis phototherapy or alone. Coal tar works by slowing excessive skin cell production (the root cause of psoriasis symptoms), while moisturizers keep the skin from itching and cracking.


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Phototherapy goggles protect the eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays.




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