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The Science of Amber Sleep Glasses
The blue light contained in sunlight and SAD lamps is highly beneficial in the morning, preventing Seasonal Affective Disorder, non-seasonal depression, and circadian rhythm disorders. Blue wavelengths of light tell our bodies to that it’s daytime. However, at night, these same blue wavelengths can block up to 99% of our bodies’ melatonin production, causing insomnia, shift work disorder, and even significant increases in rates of cancer and diabetes. Common lighting devices like computer screens, fluorescent lights, and cellphone screens emit high levels of blue light. Numerous studies demonstrate that limiting your nighttime exposure to amber wavelengths of light, either through the use of amber sleep lamps or blue-blocking amber lenses will allow healthy melatonin production (an average increased melatonin production of 90 minutes), leading to healthier sleep patterns and reduced insomnia.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of amber lenses in correcting Shift Worker Disorder and Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome in shift workers, late night gamers, and insomniacs. One study found a significant reduction of insomnia for ADHD sufferers who wore amber lenses for 90 minutes before bedtime, allowing them to fall asleep an average of 42 minutes faster. A second study found that wearing blue blocking night shift glasses for two hours at the end of a night shift significantly improved the sleep schedules of shift workers. Wearing Amber Lenses can also help reduce the effects of jet lag. Amber Sleep Glasses Review
Price: 79.95 (+$8 shipping)
Rating: 4.5/5

LowBlueLights Glasses Review

Lowbluelights Blue Blocking Glasses


These amber lenses from block up to 99% of the blue wavelengths that can interfere with melatonin production. Find LwoBlueLights amber lenses here. 

Pros: Many different styles available.

Cons: effective, but a little expensive.


SomniLight Amber Sleep Glasses Review
Price: 49.99 (free shipping)
Rating: 4.8/5
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SomniLight Amber Sleep Glasses

SomniLight Amber Sleep Glasses

These amber lenses block up to 99% of the blue wavelengths that interfere with nighttime melatonin production. Perfect for shift workers, late night gamers, and programmers. Find SomniLight Amber Sleep Glasses here.

Pros: Reasonable price and free shipping.

Cons: Only a few styles available.




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