Acne Phototherapy Reviews (Light Therapy)

The Science of Acne Phototherapy (Light Therapy)

In 2000, the British Association of Dermatologists published a meta-analysis of the available research on Acne Phototherapy. The study concluded that the UV light from sunlight demonstrated a 70% improvement in moderate acne; however, due to the damaging effects of UV radiation, the authors recommended the milder treatment of blue or red light, which has shown similarly positive effects (50-60% improvement) with fewer risks. In patient trials, blue light was most effective at destroying the P. acnes bacteria near the surface of the skin, while red light was more effective at reducing inflammation. Combinations of red and blue visible light proved most effective. Unlike control patients, who were given Benzoyl Peroxide, patients treated with phototherapy did not report dry, itchy skin or other side effects.

The authors conclude that it is “clearly supported by the data” that “a mixture of blue and red light, and also blue light alone does help acne patients with mild or moderate disease” through “antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action” (Cunliffe and Goulden, 2000). The researchers recommend 15 minutes of light per day on the affected areas.


Popular Acne Light Therapy Devices:

Project E Beauty Mini Foldable PDT LED 7 Color Photon Therapy Red/Blue/Yellow Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Machine Daily Skin Care Home & Salon Review

Review of Project E Beauty Mini Foldable PDT LED 7 Color Photon Therapy Red/Blue/Yellow Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Machine Daily Skin Care Home & Salon

Project E Beauty Mini Phototherapy Lights

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The highest rated light therapy device on Amazon, offering the additional benefit of both red (anti-inflammatory) and blue (antibacterial) light, without the negative side effects associated with either solar radiation (UV) or harsh topical chemicals. Also includes five additional color choices, for the treatment of rosacea and hyper-pigmentation. Includes protective goggles and collagen protein facial gel.


Review of Caribbean Sun Light Therapy for Acne Dual PRO Mode

Caribbean Sun Phototherapy Light

Caribbean Sun: Sun Light Therapy for Acne Dual PRO Mode Review

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Offers simultaneous blue and red light (a mixture considered the most effective by the British Association of Dermatologists) in a simple, convenient design. Uses an adjustable tilting stands for ease of use. Includes a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty and protective goggles.


ViVi Advanced Phototherapy Device Review

ViVi Advanced Phototherapy Device Review

ViVi Advanced Phototherapy Device

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Rating: 4.6/5
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For those looking to try phototherapy without breaking the bank, this highly rated model from Vivo also offers several colors of light, for various phototherapy effects. Comes with four interchangeable treatment panels (Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange) designed for fighting collagen loss, acne, redness, and hyperpigmentation. Includes a set of protective goggles.




Cunliffe, W.J., Goulden, V. Phototherapy and acne vulgaris. Br J Dermatol. 2000;142:855–856.


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